Microbial Fertilizer Innovation Center
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The microbial fertilizer innovation center is dedicated to the research and development of microbial inoculum, bioorganic fertilizer and compound microbial fertilizer for agriculture. It is also the training center for advanced personnel in microbial fertilizer technology. The center accomplished plenty of original technological achievements in developing resources and breeding for microbial fertilizer inoculum, studying the mechanisms of microbial fertilizer, crafting the microbial fertilizer fermentation, preparing microbial fertilizer and the technical applications of microbial fertilizer, which become the center’s prominent feature and advantage on the research and industrialization of microbial fertilizer.

The center is supported by the PhD program for the first level discipline of Biology at Shandong Agriculture University, as well as the Biology Postdoctoral working station and the Master programs for Microbiology and Biotechnology. The center has a high-level, well-structured innovative academic team with 20 regular research members, including 4 professors, 8 associate professors, 2 senior technicians, and 6 lecturers, out of which 17 have PhD degrees. There are around 50 mobile personnel, mainly composed by postdocs, PhD students and Master students. The center has undertaken over 20 research projects for the National Natural Science Foundation, National Technology Support Project, Ministry of Agriculture Public Welfare Project, National Industrial Technology System, Shandong Science and Technology Department, Provincial Natural Science Foundation and horizontal cooperation projects. In recent years, the members have published over 150 scientific papers, and were awarded 2 second prize and 1 third prize for research at the provincial and ministerial level, 14 national service invention patents, developed 28 microbial fertilizer products. The microbial fertilizer innovation center has been providing and will continue to provide technological support for the microbial fertilizer industry and sustainable agriculture of our country.

Major Research Area: 

Resources and Breeding of Microbial Strains,   Fermentation Process and Preparation,   Applied Technology.