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1.Major research areas

PGPR mechanism of action and application

Food and medicine fungi

Food microorganisms

resources and modification of Environmental microorganisms

2.Faculty team

There are 26 faculty members in Department of Microbiology, including 6 professors, 14 associate professors, and 6 lecturers. Among these faculty members, 1 member is academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 1 member is distinguished professor. 5 of them are PhD supervisors. All the core teachers have PhD degrees.

3.Current research projects

In the last three years, the department has undertaken nearly 20 projects from the national 863 project, the national special program of transgenic plants, the national natural science foundation and other foundations. The accumulated funds are over 30 million Yuan.

4.Publications and achievements

The facultys have published nearly 100 research papers in high level domestic and international academic journals, among which 40 papers were published in SCI indexed journals. 6 awards for research from provincial level and above were won. 7 national patents for invention were approved.

5.The direction of postgraduate enrollment

Resources and breeding of microbial strains

•Fermentation process and preparation

•Applied technology