Cell Biology
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1. Major research area

• Plant sexual reproduction

• Plant cell engineering and genetic engineering

• Post-translational protein modification in plants

• Development of animal organs and tumorigenesis

• Molecular Biology of Plant Stress Resistance

2. Faculty team

There are 7 faculty members in discipline of cell biology, including 4 professors, 3 associate professors, 3 PhD supervisors, 7 Master supervisors. 1 person is elected into “national hundred,thousand and ten thousand talent Project”, 1 person is elected as national 10000 people plan leading personnel, and 1 person is elected as ”The state has outstanding contributions to young and middle-aged experts”, and 1 person wins “National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars”. 2 members are elected as “Taishan scholars”.

3. Current research projects

Currently, there are over 10 scientific research projects in progress, including 6 national level projects, 6 Ministerial and Provincial level projects. Sufficient funds for research and complete laboratory equipment.

4. Publications

The faculty has published more than 150 research papers in high level domestic and international academic journals, such as PNAS, Plant Cell, PLos Genetics and so on, among which 110 papers were published in SCI indexed journals.

5. Graduate programs

 Cell biology for development

 Cell biology for stress response